Types of Waste

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Waste Types

Household Junk vs. Construction Waste vs. Demolition Waste: Understanding the Key Differences. All the info you need is on this page.

Household Junk & Business Waste

The following items are classed as Household Junk.

Furniture, packaging waste, toys, clothes, general items, appliances, electrical, green waste (no soil), mattresses (extra charge item), rugs, household items, magazines, stationary, etc.

 The following items are classed as Business Waste.

Furniture, packaging waste, computer chairs, filing cabinets, e-waste, displays, pallets, computers, stationary, etc.

For the items listed above a residential household junk skip bin is ideal for these clean-ups.

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Trade Waste & Construction Waste

The following items are classed as Trade Waste.

Plasterboard (Gyprock), timber, framing, metal, construction and building waste, light demolition waste, carpet, flooring, doors, pallets, etc.

The following items are classed as Heavy Demolition Waste.

Builders rubble, bricks, concrete, tiles, render, sand, cement, soil, masonry, pavers etc

Mixed heavy demolition waste should be limited to 10 wheelbarrow loads or 1000 kilograms per trailer skip bin at a maximum.

We have estimated 100 kilograms per wheelbarrow.

For the items listed above a Trade and Construction Waste Skip Bin is ideal for these clean-ups.

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  • Renovations
  • Fit out sites
  • Commercial refurbishments
  •  New builds

Bathroom Demolition Waste

The following items are classed as Bathroom Demolition Waste.

Heavy Demolition Mix

Demolition rubble, render, tiles, sand cement bedding, concrete, screed, bricks, and all types of masonry.

Light Demolition Mix

Vanity, joinery, shower screens, fittings, bathtubs, plasterboard, Villaboard (non-asbestos), timber framing, cornice, insulation etc.

We recommend a 4 cubic metre mobile skip bin for a bathroom demolition project.

A limit of one bathroom can be disposed of in any size mobile skip bin, we estimate an average bathroom demolition project to weigh 1500 – 1800 kilograms.

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Kitchen Demolition Waste

The following items are classed as Kitchen Demolition Waste.

All types of engineered timber, joinery, cabinets, splashbacks, stone bench tops, timber bench tops, all types of appliances, hardwood timbers, floor tiles, glass, etc.

We recommend a 4 or 5 cubic metre mobile skip bin for a kitchen demolition project.

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Unacceptable Waste

Liquid Waste: Includes all types of paints, solvents, oils, fuels, chemicals (cleaning liquids), food and beverages, bathroom, kitchen, laundry products.

Flammable Liquid: Fuel, diesel, petrol and oil.

Asbestos: If located in bin reload fees will apply. Please read more below.

Food Waste: All types of food and beverages are not permitted in the skip bin, being new unopened or discarded food. No animal parts or whole.

Dangerous Items: Includes fire extinguishers, gas bottles, compressed gas canisters, all types of batteries and fuel containers.

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The Right Way To Load

  • Keep heavy items, such as builders rubble, over the centre of the wheels and spread out evenly.
  • Do not load rubbish above the rim. If the trailer skip bin is fitted with a lid, then it must be able to close and lock.
  • Fill smaller items down low and larger items to the top.
  • Do not overload the trailer skip bins with excessive amounts of heavy building material.
  • Go to our Rates and Pricing page for more information on trailer bin dimensions and load limits.
  • Check our ‘Terms of Use‘ page for additional guidelines on skip bin loading and safety.

We Deliver 5 types of skip bins,
for all types of waste.

Our Range Of Mobile Skip Bins

We offer our customers 5 different sizes of skip bins to choose from. Our mobile skip bins are suitable for all types of waste, whether it is household waste, construction waste or commercial and business waste.

Our smallest skip bin starting at 2 cubic metres is suitable for small scale domestic projects, while our medium-sized bins are ideal for larger households or small businesses. Our largest skip bin is designed for big commercial projects and deceased estates clear-outs.

With our small but effective range of skip bins, our customers can find the ideal waste disposal solution for their individual needs. Our skip bin services are affordable and reliable, ensuring that our customers can focus on their project without worrying about waste management.

Household Junk and Business Waste:
Get Rid of Unwanted Items Responsibly.

Here are the items classified as Household Junk:

  • Furniture: Broken or outdated chairs, tables, sofas, mattresses, or cabinets that are no longer functional.
  • Packaging waste: Excess packaging materials, empty bottles, or other clutter that has accumulated.
  • Toys: Broken toys, toys with missing pieces, or those that are no longer played with or wanted.
  • Clothes: Worn-out clothing, torn linens, towels, or any fabrics that are no longer usable.
  • General items: Random miscellaneous things like old cleaning supplies, newspapers, or magazines.
  • Appliances: Non-functioning or outdated household appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, or microwaves.
  • Electrical: Outdated electronic gadgets like old TVs, computers, printers, or cell phones.
  • Green waste (no soil): Garden waste like branches, leaves, or grass clippings (excluding soil).
  • Mattresses (extra charge item): Disposing of mattresses may involve an additional fee.
  • Rugs: Old rugs or carpets that you no longer need.
  • Household items: Miscellaneous items cluttering your space, such as unused kitchenware or decorative pieces.
  • Magazines and stationary: Old magazines or unused stationary materials.
  • Have you ever wondered about your junk? Where does it end up when you see it driving away on the back of that skip bin truck or tipper truck? Where does your rubbish go?


Our Skip Bins:

Here are the items classified as Business Waste:

  • Furniture: Unwanted business furniture, including computer chairs and filing cabinets.
  • Packaging waste: Excess packaging materials accumulated through business operations.
  • E-waste: Disposal of electronic waste, such as outdated computers or displays.
  • Displays and pallets: Unused or broken displays, wooden pallets, or other business-related items.
  • Computers: Outdated or non-functioning computers and related equipment.
  • Stationary: Excess or unused stationary materials.

Common Situations for Junk Removal:

  • Spring cleans: Clearing out unnecessary items during seasonal cleaning sessions.
  • Deceased estates: Managing the belongings of a deceased family member or friend.
  • Relocation leftovers: Disposing of items left behind after moving to a new location.
  • End of lease: Cleaning up a rental property before returning it to the landlord.
  • Household clean-ups: Getting rid of accumulated junk to declutter your living space.
  • Office and business clean-ups: Clearing out unwanted items from workspaces and commercial settings.
  • Garage declutter: Removing junk and organising the garage space.
  • Rubbish and junk removal: Disposing of general waste and unwanted items responsibly.

It’s important to dispose of household junk and business waste properly to minimise environmental impact. Consider using skip bin hire services or recycling options provided in your area. By responsibly managing our waste, we contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable environment.

What type of skip bin is most suitable for your project? If you’re unsure, we’ve got the solution for you! Whether you’re decluttering your home, disposing of relocation leftovers, or tidying up your office space, our range of skip bins has you covered. From mini skips for household junk and spring cleans to larger skips for business clean-ups and deceased estates, we have the right choice for you. Discover which skip bin suits you the most by clicking on the links below. And don’t forget to use our instant price feature for a quick and accurate estimate. Let us help you choose the ideal skip bin for effortless decluttering.

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  3. Check out our 6 cubic metre skip bin > our largest skip bin we have on offer
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