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Terms of Use

Important: Please review our
Terms of Use before engaging our services

Please do take the time to read these points before you hire.

Please do not OVERLOAD our trailer bins with heavy dense building material. Towing and transporting excessively overloaded trailer bins is ILLEGAL and VERY DANGEROUS. If unsure about trailer bin weight restrictions please do not hesitate to call or email Monsta Group today – Contact Team Monsta.

Absolutely NO ASBESTOS is to be placed in the skip bin, if you are unsure about the material you are working with, play-it-safe and do not put it in the skip bin. Disposing Asbestos contaminated waste is very costly.

If any Asbestos is located in the trailer skip bin and the waste transfer station does not accept the waste (due to asbestos contamination), all the contents/waste will be reloaded for a fee of $375 which will be passed on to the hirer. The waste will then be taken to a landfill which accepts asbestos contaminated waste. Disposal fees will apply at a minimum of $440 which will be passed on to the hirer.

As way of example (5 cubic metre mobile skip bin)

  • A 5m3 skip bin at $660 (construction waste rate)
  • Reload fee of $375
  • Dispose 1 ton contaminated waste at $440 (minimum charge)
  • Result: A contaminated 5 cubic metre skip bin would cost you a minimum of $1475.
  • Be aware of Asbestos on your site. We are here to help you with all your Asbestos needs.


Please note – We enforce a zero tolerance level for Asbestos in loads, we handle Asbestos very seriously and all care must be taken if you have Asbestos on your site. Asbestos exclusive trailer skip bins are available on special requests, please call our team for more information and rates.

Monsta Mobile Skips have a weight load limit of 1.5 ton, it is very important that this weight limit is obeyed. Our trailer bins are towed on NSW roads, streets and highways – overloading the trailer skip bin will compromise the braking capabilities and the general nature of towing. If you are unsure of the weight of your rubbish please do not hesitate to call for some friendly advise.

Overload Weight Fee: $33 per 100 kilograms or $330 per ton
This fee will be charged over the selected trailer bin hire cost if the weight exceeds our set 1000 kilograms (weighbridge dockets will be supplied). 1500 kilograms is the maximum load weight for all our trailer skip bins.

As way of example (4 cubic metre mobile skip bin)

  • 4m3 skip bin at $440 (household junk rate)
  • Total waste disposed – 1200 kilograms, 200 kilograms over.
  • We cover the 1000 kilograms of waste fees, the additional 200 kilograms would be covered by the hirer at $33 per 100 kilograms.
  • Result: $440 for a 4 cubic metre bin hire, plus $66 for the 200 kilograms of additional waste adjusting the price to $506.

$33 per day or $231 per week 7 days hire is included with all our mobile skip bins, if you require the extra day(s) fees will apply.

Food waste: All types of food and beverages are not permitted in the skip bin, being new unopened or discarded food. No animal parts or whole.

Dangerous items: Includes fire extinguishers, gas bottles, compressed gas canisters, all types of batteries and fuel containers.

Liquid waste: Includes all types of paints, oils, fuels, chemicals (cleaning liquids), food and beverages, bathroom, kitchen, laundry products

Skip bins which are loaded above the rim, will not be collected / towed. Overloaded bins are dangerous to transport on our roads & streets as rubbish can fall onto traffic below causing injury. A fee of $44 per hour (minimum charge 1 hour) will be added onto the cost of the hire for the driver to unload or rearrange the excess rubbish.

Mattresses $99 per item (single, double, queen & king)
Tyres $55 per item (standard car & light truck)

The best way to load our trailer skip bins is to keep the heavier items such as rubble, brick, concrete, tiles and soil down low and to the middle of the trailer skip over the wheels, not too far back on the overhang. Keep your larger items such as furniture etc on top. (We don’t mind if those items exceed the rim height)

All Monsta Mobile Skips are registered and can be parked on roads and streets without a waste container permit (council permit). When a trailer is hired and parked on the road it must comply with the street signed parking restrictions. If a fine is issued for not complying with signed restrictions the hirer will be responsible for paying all fines. 

Monsta Group Pty Ltd prefers payment to be made on drop-off of the trailer bin, if that is not possible other arrangements can be made. We accept credit card, cash and direct funds transfer. The hirer does not ever own the trailer bin, our trailers are for hire purpose only.

If the hirer wants a trailer skip bin parked on grass or soft soil and the tow vehicle cannot recover the trailer bin, all recovery costs will be paid by the hirer. Our drivers will advise on parking in areas which may be of concern before proceeding with the delivery.

The most extreme duty of care is to be undertaken whilst a trailer skip bin is with the hirer, any damage other than normal wear and tear will be charged to the hirer.

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