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Trailer bins are basically an alternative to skip bins. Unlike standard skip bins, they sit on wheels, which makes them mobile. They are delivered with a smaller vehicle, which makes them accessible virtually anywhere. The downside is they have a weight limit of 1500 kilograms, which makes them suitable for more household junk and rubbish, they are not suitable for heavy demolition waste, such as brick, concrete, rubble etc. However, we regularly work with builders, renovators, and demolition teams. Visit our website for our skip bin hire rates and pricing >

yes, you can place a few (10 – 15) wheelbarrow loads of this type of waste, please note these items must be kept to a minimum. Go to our waste types page >

Radioactive waste, asbestos, tyres, food waste, any animal (part or whole), toxic waste, paint tins, flammable liquids – please contact us for more information.

Standard hire is 7 days for all our trailer bins (unless prior arrangement is made), if extra days are  needed a charge of $33 per day will be applied.

We accept cash, cheque, direct transfer & credit card.

The safest way to load our trailer skips is to keep the heavier items such as brick, concrete, soil and rubble on the base or the bottom of the trailer bin, keep these items over the wheels (centred) not too far to the rear and not too far to the front. If these basic rules are not followed the safety of our drivers will be compromised during transport as an unbalanced trailer is unstable.

A cubic meter is 1 meter in height, 1 meter in width and 1 meter in length or roughly 4 x 240 litre wheelie bins.

Yes, all our trailer bins are registered like a normal vehicle and are allowed to be parked on NSW roads and streets without a council permit.

Yes, our trailer skips will go in all garages some sheds.

The trailer bins are taken to transfer stations where the rubbish will be sorted out and recycled when appropriate.

Yes, however all care must be taken when performing this task. Please ask your delivery driver for expert advise on safe movement of the trailer skip bin.

Household Junk is light weight waste which comes from homes, businesses and offices. This can include old furniture, appliances, clothes, cardboard boxes, and other general clutter. Skip bin hire is an effective solution for clearing out household junk and keeping your property clutter-free.

With a range of skip bin sizes available, you can choose the perfect option for your needs and budget. From small clean-up jobs to larger-scale decluttering projects, hiring a mobile skip bin makes it easy to manage and dispose of household waste.

Trade Waste is anything which is made up of building and construction material – it could come from a home or a building site. This includes off-cuts of timber, tiles, plasterboard / gyprock, metal, timber, joinery, carpet, flooring, also can include packaging waste, such as; pallets and cardboard, as-well-as site protection materials.

Managing construction waste can be a challenging task, but our skip bin hire service can simplify the process.

With a skip on site, you can easily dispose of waste from trades and contractors waste and keep your site safe and organised. By choosing the right skip bin size, you can ensure that your construction waste is handled in a cost-effective and responsible way.

Go to our waste types page >

7 days standard hire.

If you need more time just ask upon hire.

Go to our skip bin hire pricing page >

We accept household junk, including furniture, packaging waste, toys, clothes, general items, appliances, electrical, green waste (no soil), mattresses, rugs, household items.

Our skip bins can take business waste, including furniture, packaging waste, computer chairs, filing cabinets, e-waste, displays, pallets, computers. 

We also allow for construction waste, including Plasterboard (Gyprock), timber, framing, metal, construction and building waste, light demolition waste, carpet, flooring, heavy joinery and cabinetry, doors, pallets.

Have you ever wondered about your junk? Where does it end up when you see it driving away on the back of that skip bin truck or tipper truck? Where does your rubbish go?

See our full list of waste types here.

No, our skip bins on wheels will not damage your driveway.

Unlike standard industrial skip bins that sit on steel frames, our skips have soft tyres and twin axles so they can roll over all types of surfaces — from concrete driveways to grassy lawns — without causing damage to your property.

Go to our YouTube videos >

We have three different sizes to suit your needs:

  • 4 cubic metres (2.4 long x 1.5 wide x 1.2 high)
  • 5 cubic metres (3 long x 1.5 wide x 1.1 high)
  • 6 cubic metres (3 long x 1.5 wide x 1.2 high)

Each trailer skip bin takes up to 1,500 kilograms of waste.

All our mobile bins fit in a single parking space.

We also adjust our prices depending on the waste you want to dispose of. We give you more options so you can find a solution that suits your needs and your wallet!

We recommend you always read and understand our hire conditions before you proceed. Please visit our ‘terms of use‘.


Expensive council permits are not required.

We’ve ensured that our skips meet all requirements so that they can be parked on the street or road. This is one of the many ways that we help make clean up as simple and stress-free as possible!

Certain items shouldn’t be thrown in any of our mobile skip bins. This includes animal waste, chemicals, oil of any kind, gas cylinders, explosives, and more. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re uncertain about whether or not an item is appropriate for disposal.

Heavy waste must be kept to a minimum. 

Yes, our 5mᶟ trailer bin has a lockable lid, ensuring that you’re the only one using your skip bin.

No! Upfront payment is not required.

Yes, our skips are custom-made for effortless transportation. Our experienced team has no trouble navigating steep or narrow driveways to reach your desired placement.

Closer to your rubbish pile!

On most occasions, we’re able to provide fast same-day delivery. You’ll likely have your skip bin brought to you within a few hours.

Our cheapest skip bin hire service is the 4mᶟ (household junk only), which will cost you just $550. This bin is ideal for an end-of-lease clean up or for those trying to cut back on household clutter and junk.

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