What is a Monsta Mobile Skip Bin?

Why are they the better choice for rubbish removal in Sydney?

The skip bin is a familiar sight at renovation and construction sites, but it can also be found in some homes where they are used for collecting garbage and waste material. The skip bin is then collected on a set date, or emptied when full and replaced with an empty one. Essentially, a skip bin is a large waste container that is open at the top. Some skip bins are non-mobile, but mobile ones have distinct advantages over the non-mobile. It is essential to understand the general uses of skip bins so as to appreciate the benefits of mobile skip bins.

Monsta Mobile Skips – Skip bin sizes

Monsta Mobile Skip Bins are available in three convenient sizes that can accommodate all your clean-up needs:

The Compact-4 – A low-profile 4-cubic metre skip bin perfect for bathroom renovations and small-scale clean-ups, it fits into any single car garage and you can load it quick and easy.

The Versatile-5 – Our most popular model. A larger 5-cubic metre skip bin equipped with a lockable lid to prevent unwanted loading.

The Jumbo-6 – A full-accommodating 6-metre skip bin perfect for clearing bulk waste from relocations, deceased estates, spring cleans and end of leases

Uses of skip bins

Skip bins can be used for the disposal of most household items, green waste and waste from demolition and construction sites. These include furniture, plastics, glass and electrical equipment like washing machines and refrigerators. In Australia, chemicals, asbestos, gas bottles, fire extinguishers and toxic waste are not permitted to go in a skip bin.

It is unsafe to overload a skip bin, so the right size of bin should be hired for every job. The weight of the waste should also be evenly distributed. For this, it is advisable to load heavier items at the bottom of the skip while lighter items stay at the top. Access is essential for easy loading.

Benefits of a mobile skip bin
  • Mobile skip bins are on wheels and can be moved around anywhere. They have a comparative advantage here because they can be manoeuvred into places standard skip bins are unable to access.
  • They are easier to load, all our skip bins are fitted with rear barn doors that make it possible to stack rubbish and distribute waste evenly.
  • Mobile skip bins have soft tyres and twin axles that enable them to roll over any type of floor without damaging concrete driveways or grassed areas.
  • They can be delivered on an economical utility vehicle with more efficient running costs as compared to a regular skip, which is delivered on a large truck.
  • They are registered like a standard trailer and can be left on the road or street without the need for expensive, time-consuming council permits.
Monsta Mobile Skip Bins

With a low-height profile and rear barn doors that open outwards for easy access, Monsta Mobile Skip bins have distinct advantages of access, ease of use, convenience and value over the regular non-mobile skips. Their compact design makes it possible to have them delivered with a one-ton utility vehicle instead of a truck. They are ideal for all types of projects, including demolitions, de-cluttering, spring cleans, deceased estate clearing, commercial clean-ups, etc.

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