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Do you need a skip bin hire in Parramatta, we have the best fit for you – guaranteed. Ideal for all types of rubbish removal, delivered in a few hours. Play the video below to see how we can help you make your clean-up super easy.

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We offer fast same-day delivery on most occasions, and you get the best mobile skip bin Parramatta has to offer.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

We strive to satisfy all our customers, no matter how big or small, from weekend warriors who hire one-off skip bins to construction companies performing large-scale refurbishment projects.

Why Our Skip Bins Are Awesome

Monsta’s mobile skips are designed for rubbish removal ease

Load quickly

Rear outward-opening barn doors make loading stuff big and small easy. Step up into the trailer to organise your rubbish and fit more in.

Low height profile

Our mobile skips access places other skip bins can’t. We can deliver directly into carparks, carports and garages as low as 1.8 metres.

Mobile Skip Bins - Monsta
Street registered - no permit required

No need to worry about expensive council permits. Our mobile skip bin hire service allows you to park the skip on the street.

Skip bin on wheels - move anywhere

You can move your skip, thanks to the soft tyres and twin axles, which prevent damage to driveway and grass.

Why Parramatta Choose Monsta

Most suppliers only give you 2 or 3 days to finish your project. Monsta gives you longer. You can keep your skip for a week, or longer (fees apply)

The design of our mobile skip bins means they can be parked almost anywhere, allowing for more convenience and faster loading, no matter where you need it. They come in three sizes – 4m3, 5m3, and 6m3.

Our customers love the up-front pricing that’s affordable and clear. See how much our mobile skip bin hire costs.

Book today and we can deliver your skip within hours. 24/7 delivery and pick-up available on request.

Monsta skips can take up to a ton (1000 kilograms) of waste, which makes it perfect for demolition, renovation, and strip-outs.

Our trailer skip bins are street registered, so you don’t need to apply for an expensive council permit to park it on the street or road.

We provide a book now pay later option, and accept credit card, bank transfer, cheque or cash.

Monsta Mobile Skips In Parramatta

Let Monsta Mobile Skips help you out. We’ve got you covered: Mobile Monsta Skips is suitable for all types of projects: end of lease, spring cleans, relocation leftovers, deceased estates, minor renovations, general de-cluttering, and more.

The city of Sydney is serious about its waste management practices. In fact, Sydney is high up on the list of the cleanest cities in Australia, despite it being the largest and arguably the busiest city in Australia. 

This is all thanks to the cooperation of the people of Sydney! We Sydnesiders work together to make sure our sidewalks, roads, public areas, and even our indoors are rubbish-free and all our trash is disposed of in the best way. 

This is why here at Monsta Mobile Skips, you can hire mobile skip bins for your Parramatta home renovations, spring cleanings or end of lease, establishment construction or renovation waste, and all types of rubbish removal. Hire a trailer skip bin, have it delivered to you on the same day, load your trash into the skip bin (on wheels!), and when you’re done, we’ll come over and pick it up. Easy, right? Book a skip bin at Monsta Mobile Skips now! Fill out our online booking form here.

  • Reliable, fast service
  • Delivery and pick-up 
  • Same-day pick-up and delivery
  • Upfront rates (Click Here)

Including home de-cluttering, demolition, construction, strip-outs and more.

Trailer bins are skip bins on wheels. Cleaning out is a laborious task, and a standard skip bin just makes it even harder. But with a mobile skip bin, you can tow your skip bin around your Parramatta home or establishment, moving it wherever is more convenient for you. Need to clear out the front yard first and move to the back later? No more worrying about the extra effort it takes to carry batches of rubbish around: make your Monsta mobile skip bin adjust to your needs! 

No more stressing over expensive council permits: our bins are registered, and you can park them right outside your door with no access restrictions. Book, load, wait for pickup, and that’s it. We want you to direct your attention to your big project, so we make the rubbish removal part much easier for you.

Depending on the size of your rubbish removal project, you can choose from three sizes: 4 cubic meters, 5 cubic metres, and 6 cubic meters. No need to worry about the space your bin takes up at all: our mobile skip bins are built with a compact, low-height design, which means it will fit even in tighter spaces such as a one-car garage or carport, a basement carpark with a low headroom, or even your driveway (no complaints from the neighbours!) 

  • Household junk
  • Commercial junk
  • E-waste
  • Green waste
  • Packaging
  • Construction waste
  • Demolition
  • Builders rubble
  • Joinery

However, for safety reasons, there are some waste types we would rather you didn’t load into the bin:

Liquid waste
Flammable liquid

Food waste
Dangerous items

Asbestos (absolutely no asbestos, please! If you suspect that your waste has asbestos-containing materials, do not place it into the skip bin. In fact, it’s best not to disturb it at all, as asbestos dust can be very harmful. We can consult on the proper disposal for this.)

Visit this page to learn more about how much waste the bin can accommodate and the corresponding prices.

Frequently asked questions

Almost – they’re better. Our specially designed trailer bins have wheels, making them easy to move around sites. They can be delivered with a small vehicle and parked almost anywhere. The only downside is a weight limit of 1500 kilograms, but our building, renovating, and demolition customers still find them integral to their projects.

Household junk is light weight waste which comes from homes, businesses and offices.

Construction waste is anything which is made for building and construction – it could come from a home or a building site.

We accept household junk, including furniture, packaging waste, toys, clothes, general items, appliances, electrical, green waste (no soil), mattresses (extra charge item), rugs, household items.

Our skip bins can take business waste, including furniture, packaging waste, computer chairs, filing cabinets, e-waste, displays, pallets, computers. 

We also allow for construction waste, including Plasterboard (Gyprock), timber, framing, metal, construction and building waste, light demolition waste, carpet, flooring, heavy joinery and cabinetry, doors, pallets.

Our skips can also take a heavy demolition waste, such as Rubble, bricks, concrete, tiles, render, sand, cement, soil, masonry.

See our full list of waste types here.

Areas serviced include Sydney CBD and surrounding, Inner West, Canterbury Bankstown, Campbelltown, Liverpool, Blacktown, Parramatta to Penrith, Northern Sydney and Lower North Shore, Sutherland Shire and St George.

We know you want to get your home, business or construction site cleaned up as fast as possible, so we‘re here to make your job easy. Booking is simple, we turn up when we say we will, and you can have your skip bin parked almost anywhere. Most of all, we’re the restrictive access specialists – our trailer bins are built to access narrow driveways, underground car parks and tight spaces to make your job loading rubbish a lot easier.

We have three different sizes to suit all needs:

  • 4 cubic metres (2.4 long x 1.5 wide x 1.2 high)
  • 5 cubic metres (3 long x 1.5 wide x 1.1 high)
  • 6 cubic metres (3 long x 1.5 wide x 1.2 high)

Each mobile skip bin takes up to 1,500 kilograms of waste

The safest way to load a Monsta Mobile Skip is to place heavy items like brick, concrete, or rubble on the base of the bin, over the wheels, and not too far to the rear or the front. This is to ensure the safety of our drivers when they pick your skip up

Is Monsta Mobile Skips Right For Your Job?

We’re ready to take your call, let us help you get rid of all that junk!

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