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How to load a skip bin

Skip The Mess, Load with Finesse! Get The Best Value For Money On Your Skip Bin Hire

We’ll show how to load and stack your skip bin for safe transport and value for money.

Safe Loading and Safe Rubbish Removal

The ideal way to load your Monsta Mobile Skip bin

1500 kilograms max

Do not overload the trailer skip bin with excessively heavy dense building waste, the load limit is 1500 kilograms.

Do not fill above the rim

Do not overfill the rim of the trailer skip bin with light and loose items, some items can fly onto the roadway.

Monsta Mobile Skips provides 3 sizes of skip bins for various requirements. Starting off the tribe with a fully accomodating 4m3 compact mini skip bin – suitable for bathroom demolition waste, small junk removal jobs, shed and garage clearing and more.

This skip bin fits into small single car garages and easily accesses basement carparks at 1.8 metres in height (the best in its class – guaranteed). Our 4m3 comes in two waste class options, household junk and business waste, and also a demolition and construction waste option. 

Next up we supply a 5m3 mobile skip bin with a lockable lid, this would be by far our most popular mobile skip bin hire in Sydney, the bin is 3 metres long, perfect for lengths of timber, joinery, plasterboard sheets etc, this skip bin has many loyal users, large enough to tackle construction projects and low enough to fit anywhere.

The low height design makes this skip bin perfect for low height access carparks, garages and basement parking, again our 5m3 can access 1.8 metres in height – best in its class guaranteed.

The 5m3 is available in two waste class options – household junk and general business waste or demolition construction waste – check our skip bin hire rates and pricing.

Our third option is a jumbo 6m3 mobile skip bin – maybe the largest mobile skip bin Sydney has to offer! This skip bin is perfect for clearing large amounts of waste, suitable for deceased estate clean-ups, relocation leftovers, end of lease or downsizing.

This skip bin can access basement carparks of 2.0 metres on a level entrance, so basically you can get a full 6m3 skip bin down a Sydney CBD basement carpark instead of a little box trailer which requires multiple trips to and from the tip. We help many businesses in the Sydney CBD clear waste on a regular basis including hotels, apartment renovators, shop fitters, realestate agents, building managers and more.

The ideal way we recommend to load a trailer skip bin (Monsta Mobile Skip Bin) is to place heavy demolition waste such as rubble, bricks, concrete, soil and cement bedding to the centre of the trailer skip bin over the wheels.

The preferred way to load heavy demolition waste is 50% to the centre over the axles, 25% tapering off to the front and 25% tapering off to the rear.

So basically for every two buckets of rubble you place in the centre of the trailer skip bin you should place one bucket to the front and one to the rear

Loading in this pattern will ensure safe travel for our drivers and other road users.

As a reminder these items are to stay under 15 full wheelbarrow loads (1500 kilograms maximum).

Another way to fill up your trailer skip bin is to place flat objects to the bottom of the skip bin, followed by bulky items such as furniture and green waste to the top. It’s always best to load heavy down low and lighter as you get closer to the rim.

It’s also a good idea to break up larger items if you can, furniture should also be disassembled and flat packed to minimise wasted space, pack your skip bin as tightly as possible to minimise air space.

These items should be placed last and to the top of the trailer skip bin. Doing this will maximise your space within the trailer skip bin, these items can sit on the top waste within the skip bin.

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