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DIY Tipper Trailer Hire vs. Hiring a Skip Bin Company

Side-by-Side Comparing Tipper Trailers & Skip Bins

When it comes to waste disposal, Sydney residents have many of reliable options, choose between hiring a DIY tipper trailer or a skip bin company. Each method has its unique advantages and disadvantages, catering to different needs and preferences. Here, we break down the costs, benefits, and drawbacks of both services, providing a thorough comparison to help you make the decision.

4 Cubic Metre Mobile Skip Bin

DIY Tipper Trailer Hire

Cost Breakdown (Estimated Rates 2024):

  • 4m³ Tipper Trailer: $110 per day

  • 5m³ Tipper Trailer: $150 per day

  • 6m³ Tipper Trailer: $180 per day

  • Unlimited rubbish dumps: Users pay only dumping fees at local recycling centers.

  • Total cost: Depends on the duration of hire and the number of trips to the dump.


  • Flexibility: Users can dump waste multiple times during the hire period, giving them the freedom to manage their disposal schedule.

  • Cost-effective: This option is ideal for those who have the time and a suitable vehicle to transport waste, potentially saving money on disposal.

  • No permit needed: Tipper trailers are road-registered, which means they do not require council permits, simplifying the process.

  • Eco-friendly: Users can separate recyclables, potentially reducing overall dumping fees and benefiting the environment.

  • Convenience: The hydraulic tipping mechanism allows for easy unloading, making the process quick and efficient.

  • Accessibility: These trailers can be towed into tight spaces such as carparks and garages, which is particularly useful for urban areas with limited access.


  • Requires a suitable tow vehicle: Users must have a vehicle capable of hauling a minimum of 2000 kg.

  • Loading can be labor-intensive: While unloading is easy, users must load the trailer themselves, which can be physically demanding.

  • Time-consuming: Multiple trips to the dump can take up a significant amount of time, especially for large clean-up projects.

  • Additional costs: While the hire cost is low, users must still pay for dumping fees, which can add up.

  • Potential for overloading: Users must adhere to the 1500 kg load limit to ensure safe towing and avoid penalties.

Skip Bin Hire Company

Cost Breakdown (Estimated Rates 2024):

  • 4m³ Mini Skip Bin: $700 (fixed rate)

  • 5m³ Skip Bin: $770 (fixed rate)

  • 6m³ Skip Bin: $880 (fixed rate)

  • 7-day hire period: Included in the cost

  • Total cost: Flat rate, inclusive of delivery, pickup, and disposal.


  • All-inclusive service: The company handles all aspects of waste disposal, including delivery, pickup, and actual disposal, which simplifies the process for the user.

  • Convenience: This service is ideal for those who have limited time or are unable to transport waste themselves, providing a hassle-free solution.

  • Fixed pricing: There are no hidden costs or extra fees for dumping, offering transparency and peace of mind.

  • Easy booking: The online booking system is simple and fast, with prompt delivery typically available.

  • No permit needed: Mobile skips on wheels do not require council permits, streamlining the process.

  • Versatility: These bins can be placed in tight spaces, including driveways and underground car parks, making them suitable for various locations.


  • Fixed capacity: Users are limited to the volume of the skip bin they hire, which may not be sufficient for larger clean-up projects.

  • Cost: The upfront cost is higher compared to the daily hire rates of tipper trailers, which may not be cost-effective for smaller projects.

  • Limited flexibility: Once the bin is full, any additional waste requires hiring another bin, potentially increasing costs.

Detailed Comparison


  • Tipper Trailer: This option is more cost-effective for extended projects that require multiple trips. Users pay a daily hire fee plus dumping fees, which can be managed according to their needs.

  • Skip Bin Hire: Although the initial cost is higher, it includes all logistics and disposal, making it ideal for one-time, large volume disposals where convenience is priority.


  • Tipper Trailer: While this option offers flexibility in waste disposal, on large projects you can find yourself doing multiple trips to the dump, which can be time-consuming.

  • Skip Bin Hire: This service provides a hassle-free solution with all-inclusive handling of waste disposal, making it perfect for busy individuals or large projects where time is a critical factor.

Environmental Impact 

  • Tipper Trailer: This method allows users to separate recyclables, potentially reducing overall dumping fees and benefiting the environment through better waste management practices.

  • Skip Bin Hire: While it involves a single disposal event, mixed waste may not be as easily segregated, potentially leading to less efficient recycling.

Advantages & Disadvantages Summary

DIY Tipper Trailer Hire:

  • Pros: Cost-effective for multiple trips, flexible, eco-friendly, no permits required, easy unloading.

  • Cons: Requires a suitable vehicle, loading can be labor-intensive, time-consuming, potential additional costs.

Skip Bin Hire:

  • Pros: All-inclusive service, convenient, fixed pricing, no permits required, versatile placement options.

  • Cons: Higher upfront cost, fixed capacity, less flexibility.

Real-Life Cost Comparison Scenario: Home Renovation Site Clean-up

Option 1 – Hire A Tipper Trailer

5 Cubic Metre DIY Tipper Trailer

  • Hire Duration: 4 days

  • Daily Hire Cost: $150

  • Total Hire Cost: $150 x 4 = $600

  • Number of Loads Dumped: 3

  • Estimated Dumping Costs Per Load: $350

  • Total Dumping Cost: $350 x 3 = $1,050

Total Cost for Tipper Trailer:

  • Hire Cost: $600

  • Estimated Dumping Cost: $1,050

  • Overall Total Cost: $1,650


  • Flexibility: Unlimited rubbish dumps during the hire period.

  • Control over waste management: Ability to separate recyclables and potentially reduce dumping fees.

  • Convenience of hydraulic unloading: Easy to unload with the push of a button.


  • Requires multiple trips: Time-consuming to transport waste to the dump site.

  • Labor-intensive loading: Manual effort required to load the trailer, though unloading is easy.

Option 2 – Skip Bin Hire

5 Cubic Metre Skip Bin

  • Fixed Rate Cost: $770 (fixed rate for 5m³ skip bin)

  • Number of Bins Required for Equivalent Waste: 3

  • Total Skip Bin Cost: $770 x 3 = $2,310

Total Cost for Skip Bin Hire:

  • Overall Total Cost: $2,310 (inclusive of delivery, pickup, and disposal)


  • All-inclusive service: Delivery, pickup, and disposal handled by the company.

  • No need for multiple trips: Waste is disposed of in a single service.  

  • Convenience: Ideal for those with limited time or unable to transport the waste themselves.


  • Higher upfront cost: More expensive than the tipper trailer option for the same volume of waste.

  • Fixed capacity per bin: Limited to the volume of each skip bin, requiring multiple bins for large projects.

Summary of Comparison Breakdown

DIY Tipper Trailer Hire:

  • Total Cost: $1,650
  • Savings: $660 cheaper than the skip bin option for roughly the same amount of waste.

Skip Bin:

  • Total Cost: $2,310
  • Convenience: Higher cost but includes all logistics and disposal services.


  • Tipper Trailer: Offers flexibility in waste disposal but requires multiple trips to the dump, which can be time-consuming.

  • Skip Bin: Provides a hassle-free solution with a single service covering delivery, pickup, and disposal, making it ideal for those looking for convenience despite the higher cost.

Which Option Should You Choose…

Choose the option that best suits your needs and budget for your clean-up project.

For DIY Enthusiasts: Book your tipper trailer today and enjoy the flexibility and cost savings. [Book Now]

For Convenience Seekers: Opt for our hassle-free skip bin hire service, complete with delivery and disposal. [Check Out Our Rates]

By comparing real-life scenarios, you can make an informed decision that ensures a cleaner, more organised space.

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By weighing the pros and cons of each service, you can choose the best waste disposal solution for your project, ensuring a cleaner, more organised space with ease.

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