About Team Monsta

In The Beginning

When we started our waste management business back in 2003, we weren’t Monsta, and we weren’t mobile.

Our company was a standard waste management company with a tipper truck, Bobcat and labourers. We performed large-scale waste removal projects for construction and fit-out sites, we shovelled up rubbish with man-power or loading-up trucks with the jaws of a Bobcat, as well as conducting hand-loaded rubbish removal service for end of lease, deceased estates and home and business owners throughout Sydney.

A Lightbulb Moment

In 2012, we had a flash: why were we using a large truck to haul only 800 kilograms of rubbish, the size of an average household clean-up? 

The cost of the fuel, the insurance payments, the pollution, the noise, and the dangers on the road all added up to unnecessary expenses. Yes, large dumpsters had their uses for big demolition jobs, but to clean up typical junk and lightweight waste, a smaller, more streamlined vehicle would be more sustainable and efficient. Plus, a compact skip bin on wheels could access tight areas like low-height car parks and narrow driveways that larger-sized bins could not. We spotted a void in the Sydney market that needed attention: the Next Generation Skip Bin. Now, all we had to do was build it.

The Next-Generation Skip Bin is Born

Drawing on our experience in rubbish removal combined with a background in welding, we designed and custom-built our own skip bins in three convenient sizes — 4 m3, 5 m3, and 6 m3 — to handle all types of rubbish removal from residences, shops, businesses and construction sites.

We built them to travel (to be towed) as a trailer on the back of a ute, with their own tyres, so we could roll them right up to any location without damaging your driveway or ruining your lawn — you could even leave them on the street without a council permit and keep them for an entire week. Easy loading was critical, so we constructed sleek, squared-off skip bins with rear-barn doors. We coloured them black to give them some dignity and named them Monsta Mobile Skip Bins. And then we were ready to roll. 

Monsta Mobile Skip Bins Today

Now we have an entire fleet of tough, black, well-maintained Monsta Mobile Skip Bins, modern economical utility vehicles and that work hard to keep all of Sydney free of clutter and waste, from the city centre to the suburbs. We regularly service and maintain our vehicles ourselves in our workshop we call ‘The Shed’ so you can be certain that our mobile trailer skip bins and utes are economical, safe, clean and sturdy, and have a long road life.

Our Mission

The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority. We enjoy the challenge of accessing tough-to-reach spaces where no skip has gone before. We aim to give everyone five-star service whether you are a homeowner in the suburbs cleaning out your garage, or want to renovate your office space in the city centre.

Our mission at Monsta Mobile Skips is to help you claim back your space and leave you with a smile. 

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